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Why should you choose CDF-LLC for your next wood or metal project?

• We welcome challenging projects
• We are caring individuals dedicated to your project
• We create innovative designs
• We create well-considered designs
• We work very quickly
• We are reasonably priced
• We provide impeccable finish work

“Our customers can expect the best because we design and build their dreams through the joy and pride in our work!”– Dave Bigelow, Owner


If you are in search of a trusted custom furniture builder or are looking for a custom metal gate, CDF, LLC is the partner you seek. One of the many things that makes us unique is that we are both a woodworking and metalworking shop. – Dave Bigelow, Owner, CDF, LLC.


Why would a customer use CDF, LLC for their custom furniture or custom gate? There are plenty of reasons. Perhaps the most important is that we put the customer’s needs first. After all, we are building high-quality custom items and without the customer there would be no need for us to work!

At CDF, LLC, each custom furniture project is a labor of love.  Our attention to detail is second-to-none. We are always focused on the beauty and quality of the finished piece. We have achieved our goals when our happy customers refer us to one of their friends or loved ones. Why? Because this is the highest compliment we can receive. It simply means that our custom furniture and our business interaction was of such high-quality that the customer is willing to stake their own reputation on our work.

We use our 25 years of design experience to build our customer’s confidence and to meet their custom furniture needs.  CDF, LLC uses computer modeling on every project. Along with creating a visual to review prior to the start of the actual work, this assists us to meet our customer’s exacting standards. This important design process also allows us to meet our own strict functionality requirements for every piece of custom furniture or custom metal gate.

Feel free to browse the examples of work you see here in our custom wood and custom metal pages. Upon request, we will send our potential customers information on pricing and more details on how we do business. We are always willing to speak with customers about their custom furniture needs.

Personal customer references are provided upon request.

About Dave Bigelow, Owner, CDF-LLC

“I enjoy creating unique items. If our customer can’t find furniture or a gate design that they need, I will create a custom design and build the piece for them. Many of our challenging projects have become reality within two weeks.” — Dave Bigelow


Dave is an Arizona native. He was born, raised and has always lived in the Valley of the Sun. He currently makes his home in Scottsdale. His fathers’ love of sailing was a great source of inspiration to Dave. By the time he was 9 years old Dave owned and sailed his own Sabot sail boat (8 foot racing dingy). Of course before he could sail it he needed to rebuild and refinish it. Fortunately for little Dave, his father owned a small boat building shop located behind their family home in Mesa, Arizona. Dave reflects with fond memories rebuilding and refinishing that little boat to make it sail-worthy.

When Dave was in his early twenties He bought a 26′ sail boat hull. Over the next 4 years Dave built the interior completely of teak and mahogany. He laughingly tells that the neighbors started calling him Noah and asking about the coming flood.

Dave found himself in a corporate career designing consumer electronics in his mid-twenties. Sometime in his early forties his corporate groove started feeling like a rut. Looking for something more satisfying, Dave began a total renovation of his home. Renewing his love of woodworking by building everything from kitchen cabinets to doors and windows, it was exciting. Soon friends where saying your work is great, you should do this professionally.

Dave named the company Creative Design and Fabrication, LLC. He now works full-time building custom wood and metal projects for clients that seek him out, and Interior designers that need custom work for their clients.

Some Client Testimonials

“Our customers can expect the best because we design and build their dreams through the joy and pride in our work!” — Dave Bigelow


We had Dave do a set of decorative handrails for our newly remodeled house and as a thirty year Phoenix contractor I can be a tough act to please. My concerns were quickly put to rest, because Dave did an outstanding job. His attention to detail is second to none. Not only were measurements taken, but digital photos were also taken and then the railings were superimposed on the photos so we could view the design prior to fabrication. And because of some interesting details Dave produced a cardboard prototype to be sure all the twists and angles would fit. It was a great job and I can recommend Dave without hesitation for he truly is a craftsman.
~ Dan Barnett, President, Arizona Corporate Builders, LLC

Dave paid close attention to details that I didn’t even know existed that made the end product very beautiful. I have the best gates in the neighborhood!
~ Marge Cook-Dixon

Recently Dave Bigelow made a custom gate for our home. We would just like to say that it was done in a very professional manner. It was made and installed in a reasonable time. We were happy with the design, quality of the gate, the installation, and Dave’s professional service.
~ Tom and Billie Young

After the contractor was done with his part of our remodel, we wanted to add many more special custom amenities. We found Dave by word of mouth even before he became CDF. We have had over 20 different projects completed by him, all where done to a high level of quality not common today. If your looking for someone you can trust and will work hard, respect you home, and give you good value and great quality, we can truly recommend Dave at CDF. his work is better than we could have hoped.
~ Mike Ellegood, Chief of Engineering, Maricopa County Dept Transportation
~ Julie Ellegood, President and CEO PSM-2

CDF-llc built several custom pieces for one project and each was executed to my highest expectations. Not only was the design process smooth, as CDF-llc is wonderful to collaborate with, but the finished products are impeccable down to the smallest details.
~ Claire Ownby, Owner and Interior Designer, Ownby Designs


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