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About Dave Bigelow, Owner, CDF-LLC

“I enjoy creating unique items. If our customer can’t find furniture or a gate design that they need, I will create a custom design and build the piece for them. Many of our challenging projects have become reality within two weeks.” — Dave Bigelow


Dave is an Arizona native. He was born, raised and has always lived in the Valley of the Sun. He currently makes his home in Scottsdale. His fathers’ love of sailing was a great source of inspiration to Dave. By the time he was 9 years old Dave owned and sailed his own Sabot sail boat (8 foot racing dingy). Of course before he could sail it he needed to rebuild and refinish it. Fortunately for little Dave, his father owned a small boat building shop located behind their family home in Mesa, Arizona. Dave reflects with fond memories rebuilding and refinishing that little boat to make it sail-worthy.

When Dave was in his early twenties He bought a 26′ sail boat hull. Over the next 4 years Dave built the interior completely of teak and mahogany. He laughingly tells that the neighbors started calling him Noah and asking about the coming flood.

Dave found himself in a corporate career designing consumer electronics in his mid-twenties. Sometime in his early forties his corporate groove started feeling like a rut. Looking for something more satisfying, Dave began a total renovation of his home. Renewing his love of woodworking by building everything from kitchen cabinets to doors and windows, it was exciting. Soon friends where saying your work is great, you should do this professionally.

Dave named the company Creative Design and Fabrication, LLC. He now works full-time building custom wood and metal projects for clients that seek him out, and Interior designers that need custom work for their clients.