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If you are in search of a trusted custom furniture builder or are looking for a custom metal gate, CDF, LLC is the partner you seek. One of the many things that makes us unique is that we are both a woodworking and metalworking shop. – Dave Bigelow, Owner, CDF, LLC.


Why would a customer use CDF, LLC for their custom furniture or custom gate? There are plenty of reasons. Perhaps the most important is that we put the customer’s needs first. After all, we are building high-quality custom items and without the customer there would be no need for us to work!

At CDF, LLC, each custom furniture project is a labor of love.  Our attention to detail is second-to-none. We are always focused on the beauty and quality of the finished piece. We have achieved our goals when our happy customers refer us to one of their friends or loved ones. Why? Because this is the highest compliment we can receive. It simply means that our custom furniture and our business interaction was of such high-quality that the customer is willing to stake their own reputation on our work.

We use our 25 years of design experience to build our customer’s confidence and to meet their custom furniture needs.  CDF, LLC uses computer modeling on every project. Along with creating a visual to review prior to the start of the actual work, this assists us to meet our customer’s exacting standards. This important design process also allows us to meet our own strict functionality requirements for every piece of custom furniture or custom metal gate.

Feel free to browse the examples of work you see here in our custom wood and custom metal pages. Upon request, we will send our potential customers information on pricing and more details on how we do business. We are always willing to speak with customers about their custom furniture needs.

Personal customer references are provided upon request.